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Our experience allows us to help you solve almost any business problem imaginable, with particular expertise in helping companies achieve growth.

About Confluence Capital Group

Who is Confluence Capital Group?

Our principals have combined business management experience of more than 100 years. This includes executive management and board-level positions and committees, such as Director, CEO, and CFO, as well as active participation and management of every facet of a company's operational functions. Manufacturing. R&D. Engineering. Sales. Finance. Quality control. Purchasing. Human resources. Marketing. And more.

What we're not is a consultancy firm that is long on green MBAs and short on actual real-world practice.

We are skilled at leveraging that experience into the accomplishment of quantitative, measurable objectives. Whether you are restructuring corporate operations, implementing an ISO certification program, providing market analysis, developing metrics and reporting standards, or setting your business up for a pre-sale valuation.

We have, for example, taken private companies public and public companies private. We have also helped raise millions of dollars through debt holders and private and public equity placements.

Our core competencies include:

• Business Strategy
• Market Analysis
• Management Reporting Systems
• Product Innovation
• Turnaround Management

• New Ventures & Start-up   Companies
• Outside Independent Directors
• Executive Mentoring
• Mentor Capitalists 

Real Estate Investment