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We can provide you with hands-on consulting, leadership, and
resources to help you achieve your business objectives.

Why Confluence?

Why work with us?

1) We complement your expertise.
Most business owners and executives are skilled at running day-to-day business activities, but often lack discrete expertise in key areas, particularly related to structured, strategic, scalable growth. And even if the expertise is there, time constraints typically preclude the commitment that such endeavors demand. That's where Confluence Capital Group excels.

We can help you plan a growth strategy, devise a roadmap, and execute it. We can, for example, help you locate and obtain additional funding. We can perform market analysis, product recommendation and placement. We can help you develop a professional sales team and sales process. We can help you build and sustain growth by putting organization and process in place, such as ERP software.

2) We offer an objective point-of-view.
Your expertise is in running your company on a daily basis. Our services are complementary and supplementary. We can come in and do the heavy lifting for the growth initiatives for which you have neither the time nor the expertise.

Organic vs. external? Build or buy? Almost all companies with growth ambitions face these questions. Acquisition, for example, can be extraordinarily daunting and complex — but often the most effective and expedient method for growth. How do you look for complementary businesses? How do you value an acquisition? Interpret diligence? Determine a good buy? Validate stated financial information?

We are skilled at positioning your company for an equity event. And to help you get the absolute most for your investment. From public offerings evaluations and counsel, to strategies for selling your business. The latter situation, for example, requires careful analysis and planning, and often takes at least a year for proper pre-sale work. Our goal may be to increase your multiplier, while at the same time preserving your company legacy and ensuring that employees are thoughtfully considered and well cared for.

3) We have the experience and resources to achieve results.
Our principals have combined business management experience of more than 100 years. This includes executive management and board-level positions and committees, such as Director, CEO, and CFO, as well as active participation and management of every facet of a company's operational functions. Manufacturing. R&D. Engineering. Sales. Finance. Quality control. Purchasing. Human resources. Marketing. And more.

We also leverage our consortium of specialized partners. These include legal, financial services, accounting, marketing, and other experts we have worked with for many years, in many companies, and whose capabilities and trust are unimpeachable.

Whether you are poised for growth and need capital, are seeking an appropriate acquisition, are pre-positioning your company for a sound exit strategy, or seek the guidance and counsel of an executive mentor, Confluence Capital Group will provide hands-on consulting, leadership, and resources.