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We provide business consulting services to help our clients define a business strategy, identify new growth opportunities, drive process improvements, and more.


We specialize in:

Business Strategy. We will help you define and establish clear goals for business missions and strategic framework. And show you where and how value-add can be created with innovative product-market combinations.

Market Analysis. Knowing your market's needs, and how it is currently serviced, arms you for reaching growth objectives. We will help you analyze your current market, identify new markets, define your competition, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, assess environmental or organic changes in your market, and more.

Management Reporting Systems. Whether you're expanding business lines, entering new markets, or working to improve your operations performance, we will provide expert counsel and recommendations for implementing management reporting tools. Our team will develop specifications for capturing or reporting data, develop effective benchmarking programs, and identify information critical to monitoring and supporting your operation.

Product Innovation. New product development is predicated on balancing available R&D resources with a projected return on investment. We will help you conduct market analysis, develop clear product strategies, evaluate product maintenance requirements, and analyze sales opportunities.

Turnaround Management. We can help you analyze the status and condition of your company for a "go-forward" or "close down" decision. And then we will help you execute the resolution of that decision, with the best possible recovery or utilization of assets for investors or debt holders. We define the best possible business model, market strategy, product platform, and, if required, replacement management.

New Ventures and Start-up Companies. There are a myriad of decisions involved in starting a new business. Our team can help you identify and evaluate objectives, goals, and structure. Most importantly, we will help you create a formal business plan.

We will help you with critical issues such as:

  • Determining the appropriate company type and format
  • Researching the feasibility of your business idea
  • Establishing measurable objectives to attract investors
  • Selecting an attractive location
  • Choosing the right accounting system for your business
  • Developing a relevant marketing plan
  • Building your business identity
  • Designing marketing collateral
  • Building an effective Web site
  • Establishing product & service offerings
  • Building vendor relations
  • Developing the internal processes to manage your business operations efficiently
  • Establishing HR requirements

Outside Independent Directors. We can evaluate and provide directors for corporations, private companies, and family-owned businesses. Confluence Capital Group and our professional partners will help you develop strategic roadmaps for topics such as:

  • Corporate governance
  • Roles of the Board
  • Ethical business practices
  • Regulation compliance
  • Insights on unique and pressing challenges
  • Strategic alliances

As a member of your Board, we will provide you with independent and inventive approaches that are a balance of thoughtful analysis and creative "out-of-the box" thinking.

Executive Mentoring. As a senior executive, you may deal with a multitude of situations from merger & acquisition opportunities, evaluations of law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, and hiring trusted talent. You may also find yourself dealing with unsatisfied vendors, customers and staff, considering downsizing, restructuring your equity or debt, and reconciling your assets.

We can help guide your business and mentor your senior executives during a critical ramp-up or downsizing. We can advise those who have not filled executive roles in the past, or executives who would like an advisor to provide a different perspective. Our principals are highly qualified to provide personalized coaching and insight to a young or inexperienced management team.

Mentor Capitalists. Whether you are preparing for the next stage of your growth or are just getting started, we have the experience, resources, and relationships necessary to help you acquire capital. We are not venture capitalists nor investment bankers. But we can steer you in the proper direction.

Real Estate Investment. Whether you need a location for your business or are interested in investing in our real estate portfolio, Confluence Capital can accommodate your needs.  Our real estate portfolio includes many industrial, commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties for your consideration and use.  Our real estate professionals can assist you with leasing or an equity position with many property types and locations.